Benefits of Educational Stem Toys for Toddlers

Benefits of Educational Stem Toys for Toddlers

Kids, especially toddlers, are sponges for all kinds of information. They soak up words, music, games, and even concepts like math and science. As adults, we tend to limit toddlers on what we think they can grasp. When we remove that limit, they can advance even more quickly than we ever imagined.

Toddlers with their amazing brain retention are able to participate in many activities, plenty of them educational. While playing itself is a wonderful tool for learning, it doesn’t hurt to intentionally include educational toys as well, particularly those based on STEM / STEAM.

What is STEM (or STEAM)?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEAM adds one additional element: the Arts). While these concepts sometimes feel difficult for us to comprehend even as adults, toddlers need this kind of stimulation. When you break down these four components to their core, you’re left with beneficial fun that your toddler will enjoy for hours.

The Basics of STEM

Let’s go over the basics of STEM and break down what it can look like for toddlers. We’ll explore the concepts and ways they can be incorporated through simple tasks. Trust me, it’s much easier than you think.


Science at its core is the exploration of the world around us. When you see science through the lens of exploration, it’s easy to include science in everything! For example, talking about the weather, hiking, and baking all fall under the umbrella of science (and chemistry too!)


Technology is now a part of our daily lives. iPads, computers, phones, and television play a role in relaxation, education, and more. When it comes to technology, shifting its role to a more educational setting is actually fairly easy. There are tons of apps that help your little one trace letters, watch educational videos, and play educational games.


The basis of engineering is building and creating. Kids are already experts at this but giving them the tools to make it even more fun is icing on the cake. Help your little one build with blocks, rocks, or even construct a Rube Goldberg machine! The possibilities are endless.


Math is also everywhere. From counting to patterns to recognizing shapes, your toddler is probably already doing most of the basics. Help your child along by counting apples at the grocery store, naming shapes of everyday objects, and teaching basic addition and subtraction with toys at home.

What Kind of Toys Incorporate STEM?

A STEM toy is a toy that incorporates any of the components we talked about above. The best educational toys for toddlers are designed to use STEM concepts. This means they stimulate the parts of the brain that use problem-solving, fine motor skills, and curiosity.

What Are the Benefits of Using STEM Toys?

The benefits of purchasing STEM toys for toddlers are:

  • Increased creative problem solving
  • Spatial awareness
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Gross motor skills
  • Cognitive learning
  • Logical thinking

Raising a child into a healthy intelligent adult starts with STEM. At Kids Sky Rainbows it is our mission to give your child all the tools they need for success. Explore the many STEM toys for toddlers in our catalog today!

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