Sensory Skills/Motor Skills

Sensory Skills/Motor Skills

When we think of sensory skills, we think of touch, see, hear, smell and taste.  These senses work together for our overall balance.   

When we think of motor skills, we think of coordinating both sides of the body. These senses work to increase muscle strength, posture, timing and visual coordination.


  • Bake cookies and feel the dough, roll them into balls while using motor skills. Use sprinkles on top for texture play.
  • Play catch with a variety of objects.  Feel the textures.
  • Feel sand on hands and feet.
  • Use shaving cream for different sensations.
  • Use food for sensory sensations.
  • Use lotion to experience cool and warm sensations
  • Petting animals to expose fur textures
  • Go on a nature walk to collect items that are smooth, soft and bumpy. 

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