IO Blocks® - 59 Piece Travel Set

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What can children create with IO Blocks 59 Piece Travel Set? 

Children can create people, places and things.  As children enhance their motor and problem-solving skills, they learn to build many amazing things.

This portable set has its own case and is great to carry along to visit family and friends for building fun.

  • Create a limitless world of people, animals, architecture, robots, vehicles and more with IO Blocks®!
  • Each set comprises 12 unique plastic shapes and features 6 colors; red, blue, green, tan, black and white. All IO Blocks® building toys connect with a secure, yet easily adjustable friction fit and feature a soft-touch plastic with a special matte finish.
  • The high-quality design of the IO Blocks® toy has open-ended building possibilities, problem-solving, and puzzle-like qualities that make it a great fit for educators and parents interested in STEM skill development.
  • Sets range from a 59 piece travel set with locking travel case, to a 1,000 piece large group activity set.
  • The IO Blocks® scale is derived from a .5″ cube, the largest pieces measuring 1.5″W x 1.5 L x .5″D. Innovative, augmented-reality IO Blocks® App acts as a virtual build guide.
  • Download free App for your smartphone or tablet to use with the enclosed tracker pad. Available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Suggested Age: 3+